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  1. Seizure in the Workplace

  2. Injured in Parking Ramp

  3. Injured While Exiting Vehicle

  4. Tetanus Shot

  5. Antibiotics Administered as a Precaution

  6. Simply Climbing Stairs

  7. Accident in Company Parking Lot During Commute

  8. Doctor Recommendation of OTC Meds at Prescription Strength

  9. Injured While Donating Blood

  10. Alternative Job Given After Receiving Work Restrictions

  11. Plane Crash

  12. Uncertain if Work-Related

  13. Anxiety from Work-Related Stress

14. Doctor Clears Employee for Work but Employee Takes Time Off

15. Pre-existing Condition Aggravated by Work

16. Loss of Consciousness at Work

17. Terrorist Attack

18. Self-Inflicted Injury

19. Smoke Inhalation

20. Employee Refuses Medical Care

21. Passing out using an N95 Mask (Voluntary Usage)

22. Injured Contractor - Which OSHA Log Does it Belong to?

23. If the Employer Disagrees with the Doctor, is it Recordable?

24. Use of Liquid Bandage to Close a Wound

25. Status Change to Not Work-Related/Privacy Case

26. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

27. Injured While Shaving at Work

28. Injured Tooth on Hard Candy

29. Injured While Working at Home (Telecommuting)

30. Debris in Eye

31. Injured Welding at Home (Work-Related)​


33. Avulsion Injury

34. Loss of Consciousness Due to Drug Usage​

35. Sprained Ankle

36. Metal Splinter

37. Injured After Clocking Out

38. Self-Medication Injury (COVID-19)

39. Banking Job COVID-19 Exposure

40. Injured During a Guided Tour

41. Therapeutic Exercise

42. Kinesiology Tape

43. Warm Wax Treatment

44. Cracked Denture

45. Amputated Ear Lobe

46. Finger Tip Amputation

47. Employee Opts to Stay Home

48. Employee Opts to Work

49. Audiogram Retest

50. Audiogram Interpretation

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