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Q186 - Shopping Cart


Two employees are tasked with driving to Staples to replenish some office supplies. While pulling into the large empty parking lot, they spot a stray cart. One employee exits the vehicle, climbs inside the card, grabs hold of the SUV and instructs the other employee to drive toward the store. The employee accelerates to 40 mph through the parking lot and when the vehicle struck a speed bump, the cart flipped over and the employee broke multiple bones. Is it recordable?


YES. The employee's were both still in the work environment because the task they were undertaking was work-related. Broken bones are considered significant/recordable injuries

1904.5(a) You must consider an injury or illness to be work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment either caused or contributed to the resulting condition or significantly aggravated a pre-existing injury or illness. Work-relatedness is presumed for injuries and illnesses resulting from events or exposures occurring in the work environment, unless an exception in §1904.5(b)(2) specifically applies

1904.7(b)(7) What is a "significant" diagnosed injury or illness that is recordable under the general criteria even if it does not result in death, days away from work, restricted work or job transfer, medical treatment beyond first aid, or loss of consciousness? Work-related cases involving cancer, chronic irreversible disease, a fractured or cracked bone, or a punctured eardrum must always be recorded under the general criteria at the time of diagnosis by a physician or other licensed health care professional.

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