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Off-the-Job Injury at the Jobsite

Off-the-Job Injury at the Jobsite

Question: A construction company is performing renovations on the south end of a college football stadium. The project is scheduled to last one and a half years. Therefore, work will be done during football season. The project manager is an alumnus of the school and a season ticket holder. A small crew is working on game day in the same parking lot as the tailgate is and the project manager decides to invite the crew to his tailgate to get some food. While serving food to the crew, he trips over a tool bag a crew member placed on the ground and suffers a fracture in a small bone of his wrist as confirmed by x-ray. Is it recordable?

Answer: NO. Even though the project manager was at his job site, he was considered a member of the general public and was not working that day. OSHA considers this scenario an exception.

​1904.5(b)(2) Are there situations where an injury or illness occurs in the work environment and is not considered work-related? Yes, an injury or illness occurring in the work environment that falls under one of the following exceptions is not work-related, and therefore is not recordable.

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