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Electrocuted in Home Office

Electrocuted in Home Office

Question: An employee is installing an overhead light fixture in their new home office after being instructed to work from home full time by their employer. Due to faulty wiring, they receive a shock and die. Is it recordable?

Answer: NO. Home wiring or renovations are not considered to be work-related activities and therefore injuries that result from those activities would not be recordable.

Letter of Interpretation: For example, if an employee drops a box of work documents and injures his or her foot, the case is considered work-related. If an employee's fingernail is punctured by a needle from a sewing machine used to perform garment work at home, becomes infected and requires medical treatment, the injury is considered work-related. If an employee is injured because he or she trips on the family dog while rushing to answer a work phone call, the case is not considered work-related. If an employee working at home is electrocuted because of faulty home wiring, the injury is not considered work-related.

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