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Q202 - Golfing


A CEO is meeting with a potential investor at a golf course. While golfing, the CEO became frustrated and he struck a bench with his golf club. The shaft of the club broke and bounced back at him and pierced his calf. He was rushed to the ER, and ultimately received stitches and work restrictions. Is it recordable?


YES. The incident is considered work-related because the CEO was participating in a work-related meeting at the golf course. He was there as a condition of his employment. This should be recorded as restricted work. 

1904.5(b)(1) What is the "work environment"? OSHA defines the work environment as "the establishment and other locations where one or more employees are working or are present as a condition of their employment. The work environment includes not only physical locations, but also the equipment or materials used by the employee during the course of his or her work."

Under Section 1904.5(b)(2)(v), an injury or illness is not work-related if it is solely the result of an employee doing personal tasks (unrelated to their employment) at the establishment outside of the employee's assigned working hours.  In order for this exception to apply, the case must meet both of the stated conditions [i.e., the injury or illness must (1) be solely the result of the employee doing personal tasks (unrelated to their employment), and (2) occur outside of the employee's assigned working hours].

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