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Q220 - Out of Town Meeting


An employee traveled out of town to attend a 2-hour meeting at the direction of his supervisor. The employee arrived the evening before and stayed at a company-owned apartment. The employee planned to travel back home directly from the meeting. On the way to the meeting, the employee was injured in a car accident. The employee went to the emergency room and received medical treatment. Is it recordable?


NO. When the employee checked into the apartment they established what OSHA calls a "home away from home." The trip from the apartment to the meeting would be considered a normal commute and injuries that occur during a normal commute are not work-related for OSHA recordkeeping purposes. 

Letter of Interpretation An accident occurring during the normal commute is not considered work-related. Section 1904.5(b)(6)(i) states that when a traveling employee checks into a temporary residence, he or she is considered to have established a "home away from home." 

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