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Knee Sprain

Knee Sprain

Question: An employee trips and falls at work. On the way down, his knee twists awkwardly, and he is in pain. He is seen by a doctor at an urgent care that diagnoses the employee with a mild knee sprain. The doctor goes on to prescribe over-the-counter ibuprofen, applies a knee brace with metal stays for immobilization, and returns the employee to work. Is it recordable?

Answer: YES. The knee brace prescribed by the doctor has metal stays which keep the employee’s knee immobilized. This type of knee brace is considered treatment beyond first aid.

What is "first aid"? For the purposes of Part 1904, "first aid" means the following:

Using any non-rigid means of support, such as elastic bandages, wraps, non-rigid back belts, etc. (devices with rigid stays or other systems designed to immobilize parts of the body are considered medical treatment for recordkeeping purposes);

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