Nathan Braymen

Greetings! My name is Nathan Braymen and I am the creator of! (I go by #RedBeard on LinkedIn and other social media, connect with me!) I am a former USMC crash fire and rescue specialist. I studied Occupational Safety in college at Iowa State University and received both my BS and MS in occupational safety. I also am certified by the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council in OSHA recordkeeping. 

I began my career working at the USDA National Animal Disease Center in Ames, IA as a safety technician and then at Berkshire Hathaway Energy as a corporate safety manger. I have over 14 years of experience in safety. Through this time I became known for getting things done quickly and also for my OSHA recordkeeping knowledge. I was asked often: Nathan, is it recordable? Being asked the question so often eventually led to the creation of this website! Ask a question and I'll usually respond very quickly (unless I'm driving or out of pocket for some other reason)!

I also employ the help of Whit Theobald to generate new scenarios on a weekly basis.

Most of the scenarios on this site are actual incidents that visitors have submitted or incidents that either Whit or myself have seen happen first-hand throughout our careers in safety. Some are completely fictional we thought up to help demonstrate how OSHA guidelines would apply. 

My goal is to keep the site simple and free but the costs for hosting and scenario generation (Whit does a great job and I like to pay him for his efforts!) take up my time and money. Please consider tossing some coin into my tip jar (oh valley of plenty) to support this site and encourage me to keep answering the question; is it recordable?

Check it out! My first safety book 5 Principles for Parenting and Occupational Safety Management was published August of 2020!

You may also be interested in my children's book, Mandorla, published in 2018. 


Privacy Promise

Your privacy and trust are important to us. We will not, in any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organizations without your permission, including public organizations, corporations or individuals, except when applicable by law. You can trust us to deliver OSHA recordkeeping answers while keeping your personal information private and confidential. If we use your scenario that is submitted to us, we will not disclose the company or the names of the persons involved. Details about the event may be altered. 
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