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Injured After Clocking Out

Injured After Clocking Out

An employee clocks out and walks through the building to his vehicle that is parked in the company-owned parking lot. While walking through the lot he trips on a drain and breaks his collar bone. Is it recordable?

YES. Clocking in or out has no bearing on work-relatedness. Since the employee had not yet began his commute home (an excepted activity) the injury is work-related.

Letter of Interpretation: Question 5-11. An employee experienced an injury or illness in the work environment before they had "clocked in" for the day. Is the case considered work related even if that employee was not officially "on the clock" for pay purposes? Yes. For purposes of OSHA recordkeeping injuries and illnesses occurring in the work environment are considered work-related. Punching in and out with a time clock (or signing in and out) does not affect the outcome for determining work-relatedness. If the employee experienced a work-related injury or illness, and it meets one or more of the general recording criteria under section 1904.7, it must be entered on the employer's OSHA 300 log.

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