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Forklift Parking Lot Accident

Forklift Parking Lot Accident

A forklift is exiting the company parking lot at the same time an employee is turning into the parking lot in his personal vehicle to report to work. There is a terrible blind spot at the entrance. Neither driver sees each other until it is too late and there is a collision. Glass shatters causing a laceration to the driver that requires stitching. Is it recordable?

NO. This incident meets OSHA 1904.5(b) exception criteria for an injury sustained in the company parking lot at the end of a commute.

1904.5(b)(2) Are there situations where an injury or illness occurs in the work environment and is not considered work-related? Yes, an injury or illness occurring in the work environment that falls under one of the following exceptions is not work-related, and therefore is not recordable.

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