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Use of Liquid Bandage to Close a Wound

Use of Liquid Bandage to Close a Wound

A gust of wind blows open company doors and disturbs the ceiling tiles. The ceiling tiles are shaken so much that some begin to fall from the ceiling along with an old tool, likely left behind from some construction in the past. The tool strikes an unsuspecting employee in the forehead, resulting in a small laceration. A member from the First Aid team evaluates the employee and elects to close the wound with liquid bandaging glue. Is it recordable?

YES. Liquid bandaging glue used, in lieu of stitches, to close a wound is considered medical treatment beyond first aid. Medical treatment beyond first aid is recordable.

1904.7(b)(5)(ii)(D) Using wound coverings such as bandages, Band-Aids™, gauze pads, etc.; or using butterfly bandages or Steri-Strips™ (other wound closing devices such as sutures, staples, etc., are considered medical treatment);

Letter of Interpretation The use of medical glue to close a wound is not first aid, and therefore must be considered medical treatment.

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