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We Support Professionals! At, our mission is to alleviate the regulatory burden for industry professionals so they can focus on what truly matters. As our platform continues to grow steadily, we invite you to join us as a sponsor and be part of our journey.

By partnering with us, your brand will gain exposure to relevant industry professionals, ranging from safety specialists and operations managers to executive officers. Our founder has established a robust social media presence on platforms like LinkedIn, where he is recognized as a "Top Workplace Safety Voice," with over 9000 followers, ensuring a strong reach for your sponsorship.

We take pride in our commitment to authenticity, never resorting to paid engagement or fake followers. When you sponsor with us, you can be confident that your message will reach a genuine audience of professionals, including safety experts and individuals with purchasing power.


Our sponsorship slots are typically offered on a month-to-month basis, without the need for long-term contracts. However, we are open to negotiating multi-month contracts if desired. In cases where a slot is not under contract, interested sponsors can participate in a bidding process to secure the spot, with the highest bidder winning the opportunity.

Benefits of sponsoring include:

  • Placement of your logo on the website

  • Inclusion of sponsor name and/or products when we share content on social media


We also welcome the opportunity for you to propose your own custom sponsorship package. If you have specific ideas or requirements in mind, please let us know, and we will work together to create a tailored sponsorship arrangement.

Join us at as a sponsor and connect with industry professionals while supporting their journey towards compliance and excellence in workplace safety.

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