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Self-Medication Injury (COVID-19)

Self-Medication Injury (COVID-19)


​At a fish tank cleaner manufacturer, an employee insists the fish tank cleaner can act as a medication to prevent COVID-19 infection due to a particular ingredient in the cleaner. The employee has completed all hazardous communication training but is fearful of COVID-19. The employee ingests the product at work and dies approximately 45 minutes thereafter. Is it recordable?

NO. The employee took the fish tank cleaner in an attempt to self-medicate. Self-medicating is an exemption under OSHA.

1904.5(b)(2) Are there situations where an injury or illness occurs in the work environment and is not considered work-related? Yes, an injury or illness occurring in the work environment that falls under one of the following exceptions is not work-related, and therefore is not recordable.

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