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Blood Test

Blood Test

Question: An employee is working at a chemical manufacturing facility and begins having difficulty breathing. He is seen by a doctor who decides to draw his blood and order blood tests for the employee. Is it recordable?

Answer: NO. Blood tests are not considered medical treatment and therefore are not recordable.

​1904.7(b)(5)(i) What is the definition of medical treatment? "Medical treatment" means the management and care of a patient to combat disease or disorder. For the purposes of Part 1904, medical treatment does not include:

1904.7(b)(5)(i)(A) Visits to a physician or other licensed health care professional solely for observation or counseling;

1904.7(b)(5)(i)(B) The conduct of diagnostic procedures, such as x-rays and blood tests, including the administration of prescription medications used solely for diagnostic purposes (e.g., eye drops to dilate pupils);

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