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OSHA Recordkeeping Scenarios

Restroom Injury

Question: An employee is hiding in the restroom from a micromanaging supervisor. While standing on a toilet to hide her feet, she slips and hits her head on the tile floor and is later diagnosed with a concussion. The doctor keeps her in the hospital overnight for observation and recommends that she takes time away from work. Is it recordable?

Recording a Safety Video

Question: While recording a safety video an employee stands up on a rolling office chair, falls and breaks an arm. The video was intended to demonstrate unsafe behaviors in the workplace. Is it recordable?

Severed Ear

Question: While riding in an ATV through a worksite an employee loses control of the vehicle while turning on loose gravel and rolls into a ditch. The employee strikes the side of his head on sharp metal pipe and severs his ear. He receives surgery to reattach the ear as well as prescription antibiotics. Is it recordable?

Scissor Accident

Question: An employee is assembling flexible photovoltaic solar cell products in a manufacturing facility. While holding up a long sheet of flexible photovoltaic solar cells with one arm, he begins cutting the sheet with scissors. On the final snip the tip of the scissors nicks his arm and cuts a hole in his skin. The injury did not require stitches and was not recordable but after witnessing the injury, a coworker lost consciousness. Is it recordable?

Sharp Rebar

Question: An employee is walking through a construction site and catches his forehead just under his hard hat on a protruding piece of rebar. He begins bleeding profusely. He uses gauze from the first aid kit to put pressure on the laceration and the bleeding eventually stops. He applies a Band-Aid and some antibiotic ointment and returns to work. Is it recordable?

Hammered Thumb

Question: An employee working on a construction site smashes his thumb with a hammer while attempting to drive a nail into a board. The employee gets ice and takes some ibuprofen. Later, after the thumb continues to swell, the company nurse drills the nail to relieve the pressure. Is it recordable?

Clocked Out & Improperly Dressed

Question: A shop supervisor removes his steel-toed boots and other PPE at the end of the workday and clocks out. He heads to exit the workplace to go home but remembers he left his wallet in his desk. He is in a hurry and the fastest route to his office is through the shop floor. He decides not to put his PPE back on to save time and as he is walking through the shop he notices employees lifting a load unsafely. He approaches the employees and just then one of the slings holding the load fails and the heavy load falls and rolls toward the supervisor and smashes his foot, resulting in an amputation two of his toes. Is it recordable?

Light Restrictions

Question: An mechanic is injured and receives work restrictions so the employer has him complete his normal annual online training for the duration of the work restrictions. Since the training is part of his normal duties (they are self-directed and must be completed annually), is it recordable?

Employee Eats a Spider

Question: During a safety tailboard meeting at the beginning of the day, a lineman sees a spider on a pole. To show off, he grabs the spider and, in front of the group, eats it. The spider bites him in the mouth before it dies and ultimately the lineman is seen by a physician and issued prescription strength antibiotics. Is it recordable?