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Q80 - Terminated Injured Employee

Question:  A line crew at a utility company are dispatched to replace a damaged power pole. The new pole was successfully placed and two linemen (one apprentice and one journeyman) go up into a bucket truck to attach the power lines to the new pole. The apprentice inadvertently grabs onto a charged line with both hands and receives a shock. In an effort to remove the apprentice from the wire, the journeyman uses the controls on the bucket to move away from the power line. The apprentice is unable to let go of the line due to the current and as the bucket moves away is left hanging on the line. The apprentice was wearing fall protection but did not clip onto the bucket and falls several feet. He is critically injured and hospitalized. Following the event, both the journeymen and apprentice are fired for "failing to follow procedures." The company decides to make the termination retroactive to the moment they failed to follow procedures. Is it recordable?

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