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Q39 - Banking Job COVID-19 Exposure

Question:  A large bank begins educating their lobby employees on the characteristics of the COVID-19 virus. They place signs in the lobby encouraging customers to stand six feet apart, provide hand-sanitizing disinfectant wipes and the janitorial service is cleaning in the morning and afternoon. However, the bank is not requiring temperature checks. Business is continuing face-to-face interaction in the lobby and surrounding offices. While the bank leaders praise employees for continuing their scheduled work, the CDC has communicated that COVID-19 is in the stage of community spread and customers continue to enter the bank lobby to conduct face-to-face business. An employee who conducts face-to-face business on a daily basis returns home every day after work and is socially isolated except for at work. The employee’s family is not leaving the house at all. One month into the pandemic, he and several other employees test positive for COVID-19 and he dies in a hospital. Is it recordable?

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