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Q26 - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


An employee becomes ill at work and is taken to a clinic for evaluation. The employee is confirmed infected with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) and is provided medical treatment and quarantined in the hospital. It is believed they contracted the virus outside of the work environment. Is it recordable?

Two weeks later, 1 other employee who worked in close proximity with the now-quarantined employee also tested positive for COVID-19 and is voluntarily quarantined at home but does not receive medical treatment or a recommendation for time off work. It is believed they contracted the virus at work from their coworker. Is it recordable?  

A third employee is tested positive with COVID-19 and is believed to have contracted the virus on the job. They receive medical treatment beyond first aid and a recommendation of time away from work from a healthcare professional. Is it recordable?

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