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Q137 - Coffee Break (Gas Station)


While driving from one worksite to another, a safety supervisor stops to get coffee at a gas station. The gas station is within a reasonably direct route of travel to the second worksite. While standing in line to pay for coffee, an out-of-control vehicle driven by an elderly man crashes through the wall and runs him over, breaking multiple bones. Is it recordable?


YES. The incident occurred while the employee was on a reasonably direct route of travel between two worksites and breaks are considered part of the normal workday.

Letter of Interpretation: Injuries or illnesses are not considered work-related if they occur while the employee is on a personal detour from a reasonably direct route of travel (e.g., has taken a side trip for personal reasons). See Section 1904.5(b)(6)(ii)...Stopping for gas and food are normal activities involved in business travel.


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