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Titanium Micro Flashlight w/ Blue Anodized Stripes

Titanium Micro Flashlight w/ Blue Anodized Stripes


RedBeard spoke in a video once about a friend who was injured from an arc flash and was badly burned. After the arc flash, all of the lights went out in the facility. His friend was stumbling around in the dark in the basement after the arc flash injuring himself when he fell over sharp metal machinery. 

You have 5 senses and arguably sight is the most important of them. Never be in the dark without your vital sense of sight. When bought in combination with a magnetic quick release, this flashlight can be worn on a chain around the neck and quickly deployed by the quick release magnet. 

A source of light can mean the difference between life and death. 

The flashlight is high quality titanium alloy and rechargeable and is almost identical to the one RedBeard wears on a titanium chain around his neck.

Handmade titanium chains will be coming to the store soon in limited supply!

Color: Gunmetal Blue
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