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Titanium Micro Flashlight

Titanium Micro Flashlight


Your vision is arguably the most important of your five senses.  When you are in the dark a light source can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. You'll be surprised how often you'll use this titanium light that is just like the one RedBeard uses every single day.


This limited edition RedBeard select every day carry (EDC) item was inspired by a coworker (Dave) of RedBeard's: 


Dave was injured by an arc flash while working on electronic components in the basement (alone) at a large facility. The arc flash knocked the power out and seriously burned the coworker. While Dave was attempting to leave the basement to seek help, since he was unable to see in the darkness, he tripped over multiple pieces of equipment and was injured further. 

This small waterproof rechargeable titanium flashlight is small enough to wear as a pendant but bright enough to light up a large room (130 lumens). Pair this with a magnetic quick release and a quality chain, and you have a handy flashlight that you can access anytime you need it.