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Q114 - Domestic Terrorism: Explosion


An explosion does widespread damage to an entire city block. Early reports indicate the explosion was caused by an RV that was parked on the street. One employee, who was working at his desk nearby and was injured by the explosion requires surgery to remove shrapnel from his shoulder. Is it recordable?


YES. Terrorism is not an exception to the OSHA recordkeeping rule and surgery is considered medical treatment beyond first aid.

OSHA Directives Question 5-13: If an employee dies or is injured or infected as a result of terrorist attacks, should it be recorded on the OSHA Injury and Illness Log? Should it be reported to OSHA? Yes, injuries and illnesses that result from a terrorist event or exposure in the work environment are considered work-related for OSHA recordkeeping purposes. OSHA does not provide an exclusion for violence-related injury and illness cases, including injuries and illnesses resulting from terrorist attacks.


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